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Chimps CAN'T ...


Where do the chimpanzees live?

Montane forests and the forest savanna mosaic
Montane Forests and the desert
Forest savanna mosaic and tall grasslands

What do chimps like to eat?

Only meat
Plants, nuts, dirt, mud, flowers, rocks
Both meat and plants + nuts, leaves, fruits, blossoms, and insects.

What are the three main reasons why the chimpanzees are endangered?

Select the three correct answers
Their home is being cut down due to settlement, business, etc.
They are getting poisoned
They are being illegally hunted for bushmeat
Local residents and tourists are bringing diseases to the chimps.

What does the chimp do when it is in agressive mode?

Smiles, drums chest, hoots
Swaggers, swaying arms to exaggerate size, and shrieks
Howls, pounds floor, yodels