Are you a good mathematician?

Are you a good mathematician?

Have you ever sat there and wonder if you are good at the maths? Well, find out now!(pass:good, fail:bad)

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You are travelling at 10km/hr then you stop to have a break anytime in between for half an hour. If the total journey was 140km, how long was the journey?

A) 15.5hrs
B) 13.25hrs
C) 14.5hrs
D) 12hrs

You run up a ramp and take 10secs and when you go back down you take 5secs. How long does it take to run down and up if I run at a pace of 5secs/hr and then pause 3 secs after every run?( answers in secs)

B) 5
A) 6
C) 1
D) 3

Work out without paper of working out:

A) 360
B) 280
C) 243
D) 453

Don't worry you will have an immense chance to get this right!
2x= 3

A) 3.5
B) 5
C) 5.5
D) 4.5

A bug can travel 5 km/hr and another can travel 40km every 2hrs. If a bug needs rest every half an hour for 1/4 of an hour, how long will the bug travel in 3hrs in total ( for both bugs)?( in kms)

A) 50.5
B) 45
C) 35
D) 60


What is the inverse operation of multiply?


What is the perimeter of a square if it has the area of 225cm2?


There is a group of 3 consecutive numbers,if they all add up to 60,which number is the biggest?

A) 21
B) 15
C) 14
D) 12

56 marbles are shared among Mark and Lucas at a ratio of 3:4, how many marbles are Lucas's?

A) 8
B) 56
C) 32
D) 48

1/4 of the pupils in my class wore red, 1/2 wore blue,1/2 of the remainder wore green and the rest wore yellow. How many people wore yellow if there are 32 students?

A) 6
B) 8
C) 10
D) 12