Walking Dead.

Are you sick of hearing people say they're a fan of WD and can't even name the Hottie with a cross-bow. Well tell them to prove it with this quiz.

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Daryl Dixon tries to kill Rick Grimms in season one the first time they meet because?

He feels like it and Rick is annoying.
Um Daryl and Rick What?!
Rick locked his brother Mereul on a roof.

Rick and the gang get to the farm house of Hersels what is the first thing they do?

Select the two correct answers
The gang holes up and sleeps with Hersels family.
Daryl goes searching for Sophia in the middle of the night with Andrea
They thank the family and present a question of them helping for shelter.

Daryl stabs himself while doing what?

Running away from a walker
gutting a fish at night to cook and eat while searching for Sophia
Searching for Sophia he feel off the horse and rolled down a hill.

The Gang along with Hershel, Maggie, and, Beth go to a prison where they meet a man called...


Michonne a new character saves Andrea from a walker and they soon get saved by governor, but he is hiding what in his home?

The group Andrea was originally from.
A bunch of medicines and healing cordials.
A Walker of his former daughter

When arriving at terminus the broken up group reunites how do they do this?

terminus isn't that like a science thing IDK!
The people from terminus room them together.
They try to escape and get put in a train with each other

How does the newly bound gang escape from Terminus?

They run off at night and jump the fence.
Carol blows it up and they run out.
They don't they die there.