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treated with massage, What innervates the CAROTID SINUS

CN IX glossopharyngeal nerve
Ansa cervicallis
cn xi
presynaptic symp fibers from the sup cervical ganglion

During tonsillectomy,student miatakenly lacerated the patients tensor veli palatini and levator palatini muscles.Which nerve innervates these muscles respective;;y

Mandibular branch of CN V & Pharyngeal branch of CN X
Pharyngeal branch of CN X
CN IX & Mandibular Nerve
Mandibular branch of trigeminnal nerve CN V

Which of the following muscles is innervated by Ansa cervicalis

Stylohyoid muscle
Post belly of the digastric muscle
Omohyoid muscle
Mylohyoid muscle

Which of the ff wll be paralyzed following damage to the facial nerve immediately after exiting cranium?

Ant belly of digastric muscle
Orbicularis oris
Orbicularis oculi
Stylohyoid muscle

A malignant tumor is damaging the glossopharyngeal nerve. They will experience

loss of taste in the anterior two thirds of the tongue
loss of somaesthetic sensation over anterior two thirds of the tongue
loss of taste & somaesthetic sensation over the posterior third of the tongue
paralysis of the muscles of the tongue

The layer encircling cervical fascia that splits to enclose sternocleidomastoid and trapezius muscles are the

Superficial fascia
Superficial layer of deep fascia/ investing fascia
infrahyoid fascia
prevertebral fascia

A 20 year old ma was brought into the emergency room with a stab wound in the upper part of the neck. Although there was no major damage done, he lost sensation from other skin over thw angle of the jaw. What nerve has been cut?

Supraclavicular nerve
Transverse cervical nerve
Great auricular nerve
Greater occipital nerve

47 year old woman was diagnosed with having a thyroid tumor, which ytriangle of the neck will the surgeon make an inscision to gain access to th gland?


Which portion of the ear is derived from endoderm

Superior belly of Omohyoid forms the anterior border of which cervical triangle?


Which of the ff combination of cranial nerve and skeletal muscle is CORRECT?

VII posterior belly of digastric
IX inferior constrictor
VII anterior belly of digastric
X stylopharyngeus

A 21 year old woman presents to the physician a swelling on her neck.On examination she is diagnosed with an infection within the carotid sheath. Which of the following structures will mostlly be involved?

Internal Carotid artery and recurrent laryngeal nerve
External Carotid and ansa cervicallis
internal jugular vein and vagus nerve
Vagus nerve and middle cervical ganglia

Which of the following is one of the boundaries of Carotid Triangle

Middle third clavicle
Ant belly of digastric
Inferior belly of Omohyoid

61 year old male with mydriasi (dilated pupil).,. what is the problem..lid consstriction

56 year old female with Parotid gland secretomotor deficit

45 year old female with chronic eye dryness No lacrimall secretion

A 29 year old baseball player whose head is hit by a high speed baseball is brought to an emergency room. Physical examination and radiogram reveal fracture of the temporal bone and damage to the lesser petrosal nerve. Which of the following conditions could occur as a result of injury to the lesser petrosal nerve?

Lack of parotid gland secretion
Constriction of the pupil
Lack of lacrimal secretion
Lack of submandibular gland secre

After injesting a toxic substance found in the bottom cabinet a 5 year old is unable to close his lips. which of the ff muscles will be paralysed

Orbicularis oris muscle B

Which of the ff statement concerning the external carotid artery is correct

it supplies brain and orbit
it is the main vascular supply to the face
it begins at the inferior border thyroid cartilage
it is direct continuation of common carotid artery

Retromandibular vein is formed by joining the

superficial temporal and maxillary vein D
kn ubb ug lhj

baseball player hit at the pteryion

Greater wing of sphenoid

MRI scan of 23 year old patient with severe maxillary pain . What structure can you find in the pointed area

Middle nasal meatus
Frontal nasal duct
Sphenoidal sinus

beneign tumor removed during Parotidectomy can feel the left side of the face ..which nerve is more prone to injury

Auriculotemporal nerve C

22 year old patient complain of Facial pain that increase by eating. During exam we noticepus losig from tyhe parotid duct. How do you locate the parotid duct opening

Superior Vestibule

What muscle is responsible for retraction of mandible

Temporalis D