Anime knowledge Quiz

Take this quiz to test your knowledge on anime, have fun and enjoy! Hopefully you know all the beginner anime mentioned in this quiz.

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In what anime is there a character who has three eggs that become her charas and her other selves that she wants to be?

Fruits Basket
Shugo Chara
Tokyo Meow Meow

Who is the main protagonist in Attack on Titan?

Who is the main character in Black Buttler?

What animes feauture magical girls?

Select the three correct answers
Tokyo Meow Meow
Tokyo Ghoul
Sailor Moon
Shugo Chara
Fruits Basket
Magical girls unite

In what anime is the theme about the chinese zodiac's?

Zodiac lover
Fruits Basket
Sailor Moon

In Howls moving castle, what happens to Sophie?

She falls in love with a soldier and they get married.
She becomes cursed to look like an old lady.
She becomes a wizard.

Who does Sophie fall in love with?

Is Erin and Levi cannon?


Do Amu and Ikuto ever kiss?


What is the name of the first ghoul in Tokyo ghoul?

Who is the main character in Tokyo Ghoul?

What is the name of the main character in Skip Beat?

In Tokyo Ghoul, what happens to Kaneki?

The organs of a ghoul are transplanted into him and he becomes a
He dies when Rize eats him
He falls in love with a girl name keiki and he helps her with her

What are the names of Amus Charas?

Select the three correct answers

Who is the main character in "A Devil and her love song"?

Maria Wakai
Maria Kawai
Matilda Kawkai

How many humans go to animal academy?

Who is the female human in Animal Academy?

Who is the male human in Animal Academy?

What is Miiko Suzuhara?

What is Umeha Kamaba?

What is the name of the school in Animal Academy?

What does Kei Takishima call Hikari Hanazono in S.A?

His princess
Honey cakes
Number 1
Number 2

In volume 12 of S.A what was set to be demolished unless SA won the elite high school student tournament?

The Art Hall
The garden
The Conservatory

In volume 9 of Naruto, when Neji and Hinata fought, what happened?

Neji won
Hinata won
Naruto stepped in and prevented a death of a character

Who is the main female in High school Debut?

Who is the main character in Mushi-Shi?

What is the first season of Mushi-Shi called?

Where does Anime and Manga originate from?

What is the name of Ashes pokemon friend/companion?

What type of pokemon is Quilava?

What is a derogatory term for Japanese anime fans?

What is a derogatory term for american anime fans?

What are normal anime fans in america called? (Or anywhere not from japan?)

Where do people go to meet up with other anime fans and cosplay?

What are japanese sodas called?

What are classic anime nerd sweet treats?