How much do you know about doctor who the revival? part 1

What do you know about the revival of doctor who? It´s time for you to put that to the test!

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When did the revival start?


What kind of monsters did we first encounter at episode 1 season 1?

The mara

What does T.A.R. in tardis stand for?

What does D.I.S. in tardis stand for?

What does the midnight monster do?

Freezies the victim so he/she can´t move and make them say after whatever anyone says
Turn the victim into a horrible monster
Hunts in the shadows and creating a doubleshadow around the victim

Who is the actress that plays Amy Pond

Billie Piper
Karen Gillan
Catherine Tate
Freema Agyeman

What does Y.A.N.A. stand for?

What is the name of the planet that the family slitheen comes from?


Who plays the tenth doctor?

Matt smith
Christopher Eccleston
David Tennant

Who is Rose Tylers mother?