How Much Do You Actually Know About Animal Jam?

How Much Do You Actually Know About Animal Jam?

Note that this is based on the Animal Jam community, and you must have some knowledge, or a lot of knowledge, about popular items, places, etc. But, there is also a need of things and information about the beta days and released things. Also, you must have an exceptional knowledge of the names of places, animals, and worlds. Thanks for playing!

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What Were The Six First Animals Introduced To Animal Jam?

There Weren't Six, There Were Two, Which Were The Wolf And The Bunny.
Wolf, Koala, Bunny, Penguin, Monkey, and the Panda.
Arctic Wolf, Wolf, Monkey, Panda, Eagle, and Bunny.
All The Animals Were Introduced At The Same Time.

What Is The Most Popular Item Listed Below?

Light Pink Headdress
Black Long Spiked Collar
Flower Crown

What Do Most Jammers Do When Playing Animal Jam?

Play Games Or Do Adventures.
Trade Or Collect Items.
Chat Or Be With Buddies.
There Is No Correct Answer, Every Jammer Is Unique And Does Their Own Thing.

What Is The Most Popular Land Listed Below?

Jamaa Township.
Coral Canyons.
Sarepia Forest.
All Of The Above.

What Are Three In-Game Games In Animal Jam?

Best Dressed, Temples of Trivia, and Falling Phantom.
Phantoms Treasure, Spot On, and Double Up.
Mira Says, Splash 'N Dash.
I Don't Know Off The Top Of My Head...

Why Do Most Players Quit?

They Get Bored
They Have Been Scammed
They Lost Their Account
All Of The Above