Which Animatronic is This?

Which Animatronic is This?

So, you have to guess an animatronic. I won't put the pictures because that will help you too much! Hope you enjoy!

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Which animatronic is this? It is a fan-made animatronic in FNAF 1 (it's not actually in FNaF 1) and is a dog.


Which animatronic is this? It is purple and plays the guitar. It is in FNaF 1

Old Bonnie
Bonnie The Bunny

Which animatronic is this? This animatronic has a nightmare version of him and is said that he is an earlier version of Golden Freddy

Golden Freddy
Golden Bonnie

Which animatronic is this: This animatronic is a chicken. It lives in Parts and Services without any hands.

Chica The Chicken
Phantom Chica
Distorted Chica
Old Chica

Which Night Guard is this? This guard is not really smart, has ginger hair and works in Fazbear's Fright

Mike Schimdt
Jeremy Fitzgerald
Fritz Smith

Which animatronic is this? It has 3 toes, it is a withered animatronic and completely ignores the Freddy Mask

Foxy The Pirate Fox
Old Foxy
Phantom Foxy
Ignorant Foxy

Which is this animatronic is this? The Phone Guy says that he is always thinking, and to make sure to wind that music box

Music Boxer
The Marionette
Candy The cat

Which 2 are MY favourite animatronics? ;)

Select the two correct answers
Candy The Cat
Golden Freddy
The Marionette

Which animatronic is this? It has golden skin and it is really torn apart. 2

Old Golden Freddy
Golden Freddy

Which animatronic is this? It's Nightmare Chica's jumpscare when she comes in your room

Carl The Cupcake
Nightmare Cupcake
Nightmare Chica

Which animatronic is this? It is burnt. He got a jumpscare, he was in FNaF 2 (the most annoying animatronic)

Nightmare BB
Phantom BB

Which animatronic is this? It's black with red eyes and only comes out at Nightmare Mode

Nightmare Fredbear
Nightmare Freddy
The Nightmare

Which animatronic is this? He hides in your closet and when you survive him he turns into a plushie

Foxy The Pirate
Nightmare Foxy
The Closet Monster

Which animatronic is this? She is the Haloween version of Nightmare Foxy

Nightmare Foxy
Nightmare Mangle

Which animatronic is this? He is the more kid friendly version of Bonnie The Bunny

Bonnie The Bunny
Toy Bonnie

Hope you enjoyed it!

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