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Who invented and held the patent for the radio?

Benjamin Franklin
Nikola Tesla
Thomas Edison

At the time he was elected President in 1860, what was Abraham Lincoln's attitude towards slavery?

He personally opposed it and recommended that all slaves throughout the United States should be emancipated.
He proposed the abolition of slavery in the United States, and was publicly on record as believing that African-Americans should have the same civil rights as whites.
He personally disliked it, opposed its extension into western territories, but accepted the constitutional right of the South to continue it.

Which President was assassinated in office?

What invention increased the economic importance of slavery in the South?

Steam Engine
Cotton gin
Denim cloth

Which was the first state to secede from the Union at the start of the Civil War?

The 18th amendment to the constitution made prohibition effective across the entire United States. Prior to that, some states had declared themselves dry on their own. The first state to go dry was

North Carolina

Andrew Jackson was known as:

"America's Answer to Winston Churchill"
"The Bane of Benjamin Franklin"
"Stone Wall"
"Old Hickory"