Do You Know Impure?

Do You Know Impure?

Do you know the plot of impure? This is a quiz over the story so far! Thank you for you support! Please use capital Letters in names for text response.

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What does Martin fight with?

Dual katanas
Sword and shield
A dagger and magic

What is Leo's best statistic?

His strength
His defense
His speed

Name three mana users.

Select the three correct answers
Linda Baroo
Leonard Bartsman
Martin Dunshire
Leo Wallace
Connor Dunshire
Darren Dagon
Sarah Dunshire

Who is Darren's rival?

Leo Wallace
Martin Dunshire
Connor Dunshire
Leonard Bartsman

What Is Linda's Animal aspect?


Who Does Leo live with?

His Grandfather
His Uncle
The Chief of the Village

What were Leo's swords called?

The Deadly Duo
The Twin Totems
The Duet of Destiny
The Lethal Legion

What is Leo's full first name?

What village Does the story start in?


What is Martin's relation to Sarah?

She's his wife
She's his cousin
She's his sister
She's his best friend

What does Leo occasionally call Linda?

What is Special about Martin?

He is an inherent Morphis
He has Magic skill without training
He is fully influenced

From who does Leo inherit his powers?

His mother
His father

Who is the Oldest?

Leo Wallace
Martin Dunshire
Linda Baroo

Who is the chief of Briarwood?

Connor Dunshire
Garret Wallace
Darren Dagon

What was the name of Linda's home village?

Kenen West, Lirus
Kenen East, Lillian
Wilver North, Morphal
Wilver South, Midas

What is special about Leo?

He is an inherent Morphis
He has magic skill with no training
He is fully influenced

What happened to Leo and Martin's Mothers?

Select the two correct answers
Martin's mother was killed in a Shedan raid
Martin's mother died of illness
Martin's mother abandoned him
Leo's mother was killed in a Shedan raid
Leo's mother died of Illness
Leo's mother abandoned him

At first, what is special about Linda?

She is an inherent Morphis
She has magic skill with no training
She is fully influenced

What did Connor give Martin for good luck?

A pendant
A ring
Dual katanas