Would you survive being my bestfriend

This is a test to see you could survive being my bestfriend. Being a best friend means you are faced with the problems only you are trusted with and not family

published on August 02, 201526 responses 9 5.0★ / 5

So this will mostly be rp so, yeah.
So you walk into my house and I'm crying on the couch with a bucket of ice cream, what do you do

Ask what's wrong, I say I'm okay, yet you keep pushing till I break
and tell you
Get disgusted and leave
Ask whats wrong, i say I'm okay, and you leave it
... Um I'm gonna go now
Not even there

I tell you I just found out my closest relative died, and they were my only friend other than you, you do?

Talk it out and say its okay, and not leave me by myself, even stay
for a sleepover and talk till midnight to make I'm okay
Not there, yet call to make sure I won't do anything stupid
Call to see if I wanna talk it out, but is too busy to listen
Call to check up, that I'm not doing anything stupid
Just doesn't care

At the mall with me and my boyfriend, who you find really cute, what do you do

Back off because since I'm dating him he is now off limits, now and
Try to see if you can get close to him
Checking him out noticbly, not caring if I notice
Slightly flirting
Straight up ask him out and steal him from me

Just got through a breakup and you walk in on me crying my eyes on my bed

Walk over and console me, telling me it's okay
HangIng out with the guy
Hanging out the guy flirting with him
Straight up flirting
Already dating him

Hey, so I'm down and sad you?

Make me smile And laugh
Make me smile
Doesnt care
Not caring
Doesn't care if I kill myself