SLime Rancher Quiz

do you know the ins and outs of the popular, cutsie game called SLime rancher? some may be spoilers but who cares

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WHat slime is a mass of radioactivity with a radiation bubble?

Rad Slime
Boom SLime
Crystal Slime

What Character do you play as? (no last name)

what slimes favor meat? (FAVOR meat, not slimes that just eat meat)

Select the five correct answers
Saber Slimes
Fire Slimes
Hunter Slimes
Tabby Slimes
Honey Slimes
Boom Slimes
pink slimes
tangle slimes
rock slimes

what slimes are not affected by incinerators?

boom slimes
quantum slimes
fire slimes

where did all slimes supposedly come from?

slime sea
moss blanket
desert sands (glass desert)