How Well Do You Know EAH

take this quiz to see how well you know about eah. this is my first quiz, please don't hate on it. soon i'd like to make another quiz, and you can take it too. well i'm also not quite sure how long soon is, so hate me for being too long for the other quiz

published on May 22, 20155 responses 1 4.0★ / 5

what does eah really stand for?

ever after high
ellaneore as heir
everyday at hammys
i don't know

who are raven queen's parent's?

Select the two correct answers
the evil queen
the white queen
the good king
the queen of hearts

who's the headmaster at the school?

milton grimm
giles grimm
the white queen

what are the favourite colours of these following students? holly o'hair, poppy o'hair, raven queen, apple white and ashlynn ella

Select the five correct answers
light pink
dark purple and black

which character from ever after high is also from another show by mattel?

who is roomies with c.a. cupid?

aslynn ella
blondie lockes
apple white
c.a. is not even a character