Super Mega Fandom Trivia!

Super Mega Fandom Trivia!

The following fandoms will be in this trivia: THG, TMI, TFIOS, Divergent, Maze Runner, and Selection.

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Part one:
Who said this quote?
"As long as I remember what is was like to love you, I'll always feel alive."

Jace Wayland/Herondale/Lightwood
Tobias Eaton
Maia Roberts
Simon Lewis
Peeta Mellark
Raphael Santiago
Augustus Waters
Maxon Shreave

Who said this quote?
"Someday we'll be bigger."

Primrose Everdeen
Max Lightwood
Tris Prior
Aspen Leger
Teresa Agnes

Who said:
"All you have to do is not let them know they're getting to you."

Marlee Woodwork
Daniel Roberts
Beetee Latier
Jordan Kyle
Kile Woodwork

Part two:
Who here are dead?

Select the five correct answers
Peeta Mellark
Augustus Waters
Finnick Odair
Sebastian Verlac (THE REAL ONE!)
Marlee Woodwork
Celeste Newsome
Isaac (TFIOS)

Part three:
Which book did Clabastian happen?

City of Ashes
The Fever Code
The Mockingjay
City of Glass
The Crown

Which book did Malec break up?
What page?

Insurgent page 188
CoFA page 294
Kill Order page 372
CoLS page 511
The Elite page 634

Part four:
Who is Aris?

Prim's uncle
Thomas's crush
Cancer support group person
A Silent Brother
Group B person
Maxon's brother

Who is Daniel Roberts?

Select the two correct answers
A Runner
One of the tributes from the 39th HG
A person in TFIOS who sold Gus and Hazel cigarettes
Maia's big brother
One of the Elite
WICKED's leader
Some dead guy in TMI

Part five
Enter last name: