are you big fan of Dynasty warriors ?

are you big fan of Dynasty warriors ?

this quiz will lead you though to see if your big fan of Dynasty Warrios!

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What was Name of Histroy not the Game

Three kingdoms
War of Three Lords
Chain and there wars

How does Guan Yu Die in Dynasty Warriors 8

gets shoot in body
get stabbed by 5 men at same time
get killed by his children

why did Wu turn against Shu

Select the two correct answers
because there strategist LU SU died and when LU MENG took control of Plans (he hated Guan Yu before) he thought to kill Guan Yu in secert will make no problem but forces knew that he did it and then all started(i could say something wrong so go on Youtube Or play game and check it)
They hated them all
They wanted to take gaint step to win but its failed after

why Did Cao Cao belive that 3 powers can't rule kingdom

because he wanted whole land for himself
maybe cuz he was selfish
he belived that 1 ruler can rule whole land

when did Cao cao die

15th march 220AD
15th march 226AD
15th march 228AD

and last not least question!

when did Liu Bei and His sworn brothers(i respect that..tho i have sworn brother but i'm polish :/ and his english)

10th June 223 AD ,Day unknown 220AD(Guan Yu) AND day Unknown 221AD(Zhang fei)
16th JUNE 223AD, 15th June 226AD(Guan Yu) and 16th June 223AD(Zhang fei)