The Germ and Health Quiz : Do you Know it like I do ?

Do you know this ? Like me ? I don't know! You would know! Have fun on this quiz and comment when done!

published on January 04, 20165 responses 4
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Bacteria don't have feet but they can :

Help the body to protect organs and the entire body from harm
Move and do harm to the body
Help the body digest food
Make the body energize
Make the body sweat
Make the body go to the bathroom

The good bacteria :

Help the body do what it's need to do and protect the body from the bad bacteria and help organs
Control the brain
Make you move
Make you dipressed
Make you mad
Make you sick

Select the Viruses that Are real :

Hint: 4 choices
Cold Virus
Nail Virus
Stomach Virus
Skin Virus
Flu Virus
Cyber bullying Virus

Some Germs and Viruses can cause :


If you don't want to get Sick every year you need to get the :


And Girls get the Shot to avoid Cancers when they are :


If you Are sick you should consult a :


You should eat Healthy food and Stay away from :


You also need to do good :


You always need to get enough :