How much do you know about minecraft? (3)

This is a test to find out How much you know about minecraft. It's probably gonna be easy 😐

published on August 30, 20184 responses 2

What were creepers supposed to be?


What mob, beginning with p, is going to be added in the 1.13 update?

Where is the furthest distance a creeper can spot you from?

20 blocks away
30 blocks away
40 blocks away
50 blocks away
60 blocks away
70 blocks away
80 blocks away
90 blocks away
100 blocks away

What are the 3 ways that you can acquire leather?

Select the three correct answers
Cows drop it
Pigs drop it
Horses drop it
Cooking a stick in a furnace
Cooking rotten flesh in a furnace

How many seconds can you Sprint for without stopping?

What was the first item added in game?

Oak sapling
Spruce sapling

What do skeletons drop?

Select the four correct answers
Xp orbs

How do you get a creeper to drop a music disc?

There is no specific way of doing it, its just a rare drop
It has to be blown up by another creeper
A skeleton has to shoot it to death
It wont

What is than green, bouncy thing called?

What is the nether version of the thing in the last one?

Red bouncy thing
Lava cube
Magma cube
Volcano cube