SandBlast Proficiency Exam

SandBlast Proficiency Exam for Sales Reps, as part of the SandBlast Workshop

published on February 08, 20168 responses 0
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Why is the CPU level emulation such an innovation?

Because it emulates different CPUs
Because it catch all the malware
Because it catches malwares at a very early stage
Because it is the fastest mechanism out there

Which Check Point solution provides immediate delivery of information while keeping the best security?

Threat Emulation
Threat Extraction
Check Point SandBlast
Check Point SandBlast Agent

What is the Check Point vision for protecting businesses?

Unilateral movement protection
Best of breed customized solution
Multi-layered advanced threat prevention
Multi-threaded CPU level emulation

What are the best solutions to stop known malware?

URL filtering
Intrusion detection system
Anti-Virus and IPS

What is one of the ways Check Point differs from the competition?

Check Point has the fastest firewall
Check Point is the only vendor that can stop patient Zero from entering the organization
All other vendors do not have a sandboxing solution