The Vampire Diarys Quiz!

Hi! So this quiz is to test how well you know TVD :) Let’s see how good you do!! WARNING: **I am only on season 5 so none of these questions will go past that**

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Who Did Elena meet first, Stefan or Damon?

Stefan, when he saved her life in the car crash by wickery bridge.
Damon, when he mistook her for Katherine in the middle of a road.
They met her at the same time whenever they saw her at school.

Who are her Doppelgängers?

Hint: 2 choices
Caroline, her best friend.
Katherine, her enemy.
Amora, an evil ancient lady.
Bonnie, her best witch friend.

Out of the Salvatore brothers, who did Elena fall in love with first?

Damon Salvatore, instant love.
Stefan Salvatore, after all he was her true hero.

Klaus was a evil man, he did evil things, but he made an exception for one special girl, who was she?

Hint: 1 choice
Katherine Pierce
Bonnie Benette
Caroline Forbes
Elena Gilbert

Who did Elena fall in love with first?


What happens when Jeremy dies?

Hint: 3 choices
Elena burns the house down
Elena turns her humanity off
Elena goes evil
Elena grieves and shuts everyone out.
Elena tries to kill Katherine
Elena goes to his grave and promises never to kill again

What was the problem in Season one?

Elena Gilbert a human, falls in love with a evil vampire who takes her to a island, she has one chance to turn him
good, but instead he turns her.
Elena Gilbert is struggling to accept the loss of her parents and her little brother Jeremy's drug addiction, when
the mysterious stranger Stefan Salvatore sweeps into town, causing suspicion among Elena's friends. Stefan is
revealed to be a vampire, and reunites with his brother after 15 years apart.
Elena meets two vampires, Stefan and Damon, and falls in love with both of them... she doesn’t know who to

Once Elena gets to the point where she has to chose between Stefan and Damon, Who does she chose first?

Damon, she couldn’t resist him, or was it just the sire bond?
Stefan, he was her one true epic love, she needed to look past Damon.
Both, she couldn’t choose, or was too hard, so she has Bonnie put a spell on them to fall in love with her.
Neither, she chose herself, her happiness.

How many doppelgängers does Elena have? (as of season 5)

She has 2, not including herself.
She only has one.
She has 3, not including herself.

Who was the original of all of Elena Gilbert’s Doppelgängers?