if you scam or not on animal jam

if you scam or not on animal jam

if you scam or not on animal jam so we will find out the truth about you don't just put random answers put in the comments if your a jammer or a sammer! ! !

published on March 08, 20158 responses 1 3.0★ / 5

if you had a chance to scam someone on animal jam would you....

use that chance and just do it and make it believeable that you will dicline
don't do it cause its wrong
do cause its easy to get a rare headdress and rare spike
NEVER do it cause I work hard to get rares and so did they

if someone flashes you a founders headdress rare spike wrist and color you would...

accept quickly then leave
try to accept and if do trade back
accept then leave even if its a bad flash then go back

if someone is saying give me a yellow long and I give you a long black spike you would...

copy them and when you get a rare spike leave and just give them a necklace
say scam don't trust her
send them a rare yellow long spike cause you think you can trust them

do you like animal jam when you scam is it...

fun. me: I think you hack and scam people
awesome cause you get a lot of rare spikes and founders and headdresses. me: no your on the wrong side on history

does this quiz help you alot like it did to me
use to be me

does this quiz help you alot like it did to me
        use to be me

if you want to get good items you would...

say that I got hacked and is left with nothing and your lieing
try trading for good stuff for your good stuff
quit animal jam cause you will never get a rare spike collar

if someone asks for something and you would..

copy them and scam people with that
send them the item cause you could trust them
don't believe them

if someone says im a youtuber send me a rare spike

you send them a rare spike cause you can trust someone who is recording
say scam and report and block them then leave and tell your buddies
send them a rare spike it could be fun to get a shout out

if you had any idea if you should scam or not you would pick this answer there is to correct answers good luck

Select the two correct answers
I know how to scam but never would want to
I don't know how to scam but I want to try
scam people
scamming is wrong
give everyone a necklace and say its worth a nr or rare spike cause its glitched so send me that back

did this quiz tell you something

yes of course
nah I always want to scam
nope always wants to scam now that you told me this stuff

want me to make more quizes

Select the two correct answers
yes of course
sure if ya want to
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo its so stupid