How much do you know about ANIMAL JAM?

In this quiz you will animal jam riddles and questions also about rares, betas, Even the important days in animal jam that people like! I hope you enjoy this quiz and find out how much you know animal jam!

published on August 28, 20176 responses 1

What is the most rare item in the following items below?

Fancy top hat
Dragon wings
Heart scarf
Rare solar eclipse glasses

What is the most beta AND rare outfit?

Arctic shoes
Raccoon tail and pink spike collar
Fancy top hat with flip flops
Dragon wings with raccoon tail, feather earrings, nutcracker boots and rare spike collar?

What does rare Monday mean?

You get rare sapphires
You get so beta
You get rares in treasure hunts
You get scammed

What is all black and is only for members only?

Snowman hat
Black nutcracker boots
Black and white raccoon tail

What is dark pink and light pink( tail)

Forest tail
Feather tail
Raccoon tail
Bone tail