Physical education chapter 1st

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Which are the following are not the objective of planning?

Hint: 1 choice
A. Increase efficiency
B .Good coordination between different committee
C. Increase income of committee

We have three types of committees. Which are :
(I). President, Executive, organising
(II). President, chairman, Executive

Hint: 1 choice
A. (I) only
B. (II) only
C. (I) and (II)
D. None of these

How many types of tournament there?

Hint: 1 choice
A. 2
B. 7
C. 4
D. 3

Which of following is not pre responsibility of committee?

Hint: 1 choice
A. Make a budget
B. Make report
All of these

In which tournament once team lost the match get eliminate

Hint: 1 choice
A. Round robin tournament
B. Combination tournament
Circle tournament
D. Knock out tournament