How well do you know the lyrics of songs?

How well do you know the lyrics of songs?

Hello! I just had an idea to test how well you actually listen to song lyrics, not just their melody. How well do you think you know most songs.... Find out. I will write the lyrics and you will have to select the correct song they are from from the choices underneath. They might be quite hard. Comment the difficulty xxxx good luck :)

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".... can't you taste this gold, remember my name, 'bout to blow"

To build a home by the cinematic orchestra.
Fancy by Iggy Azalea
Wide Awake by Katie Perry

"I had a dream so big and loud, I jumped so high...."

Hint: 2 choices
Best day of my life
Stupid love
American Authors
Ed Sheeran
Jason Derulo

"I wish I could make this easy, Easy to love me, love me..."

Lego house by Ed Sheeran
Set fire to the rain by Adele
Waves by mr Probz

"...the world is beating you down, I'm around through every mood."

The Power Of Love by Gabrielle Aplin
Radio by Lana Del Rey
All of Me by John Legend

"My mind's beat up, Tell me that you feel this, and I won't give up..." Say WHO SINGS THIS (name of performing artist/band/singer) not the title of the song.


Is "Every time I look at you, I smile straight away" in Rather be by clean bandit? Are these some lyrics of the song or not?


Who sings "happy"?

Farell William
Pharrell Williams
William Farell

" I'm a bit old school, When it cones to lovin', I ain't chasing you" comes from a song by Little mix called Wings


"... As long as stars are above you." Comes from which song?

Loving you is easy
How long will I love you
How to save a life