VLC Quiz

VLC Quiz

See how much you know about MOODLE 2.6 with this quick quiz. There are only 10 questions.

published on July 01, 20141 response 0

There are 2 main areas on the VLC. What are they?

Select the two correct answers
Induction and Resources
Tutor group area

To find these areas I need to go to ...?

Your courses
My courses
My Admin

The students upload their work in the what area?

Formative assessments on the VLC are know as what checks.

In the submission area how do you add feedback?

Select grade
Tab across horizontally
Select edit
Add feedback files

In order to view submissions that require marking you need to filter by..?

lock submission
Requires grading
Feedback files

If a student has uploaded the wrong file do you?

Tell the VLC admin team
Agree to upload it for them
Refer them
Revert submission to draft

In order to see how a student is progressing you can view their progress in the what book.

If a student e-mails you their work do you upload it?


If you are in doubt, what do you do?

Contact the VLC admin team