Animal jam rarity quiz!

Hello animal jammers! Nagini123 here and this is a quiz to see if your rare or not... If it says 'Failed' You are officially not rare! Maybe you can sorta be rare idk! There is no 'Correct' answer in this quiz, but the 'correct' answers are the rich jammer's answers. I hope you like my quiz! :)

published on February 08, 201513 responses 2
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Someone says 'Black long rare spike collar giveaway my den!', but when you get there they say 'In order to win, you will have to trust me your best item!'
Do you...

Hint: 2 choices
Trade them your best item... Rare freedom mask! They for sure will make YOU win...
I dunno... This might be a scam...
Flash them your headdress/neon bow/rare spike and say 'Bye you scaler' and leave
Trade an unwanted item... A neon bow and don't even cancel because your inventory was full anyway

How old are you?

10 and under
15 and under
20 and under (WHAT)
HUH? I was sleeping...

What are rare fox hats worth?

A non-glitched rare nerd.
4 individual rares.

You see someone asking 'What for your neon bow?' What do you say?

A rare fox hat, PLEASE!
Your tiki mask, founders, headdresses,and your rare black long :)
Your howl plaque! I wanted one my whole life!

Someone says 'Best gift wins my outfit!' Their outfit is a black/blue tail armor, a light blue rare fox hat, a heart locket, a legendary glove, and a rare blue bow.

I gift them my rare fox hat. I am so gonna win! XD
I don't gift them at all. I don't need their stuff.
Nothing they are wearing I need.
It's a scale people! I wouldn't even send my rare cat hat!

Did you like it?

No... Too boring! I just woke up from sleep...
YES! It was the best quiz in history!
Idk... I need to think about it...

Someone has your favorite color worn. You...

Go crazy! I need that worn do badly I will trade my account for it!
What? I don't care about a worn...
Maybe I can get it cheaper from someone else.

Should I keep on making quizzes?

Yes please! Your quiz is awesome and I have nothing bad to say about it!
It's really up to you... I am ok with your quiz
No way! It's too stupid!

You see someone who says 'Trade me a rare spike collar!' and has a rare fox hat and non-glitched rare nerd on trade.

Hey! That sounds like me!
No way. They are asking for an over-trade. I am TOO good for that person.
The heck! Who would want a rare fox hat?

If someone has a beta tiara (with a red gem) and says "Trade me any color rare spike collar!" do you trade your rare spike collar for it?

What? I don't even have a rare spike collar!
Tell them 'How about I give you a rare fox hat?" because you don't have a rare spike collar
Excuse me, I am sleeping here!