Is he/she write for you

Are you soul mates. Is he just boyfriend or just another friend. This quizz could help you find out.

published on August 21, 201514 responses 1 4.0★ / 5

Does he/she stare at you?

ya I catch him sometimes
no not really
Haven't thought about it

Does he/she touch you?

ya when ever he cans
no he does not do that to me
he knows if he touches anthing somethings come in

Does he/she talk to you?

ya hes like chatty kathy sometimes
no really doesn't talk to me
here and there

Does he/she like photos of you on social media?

ya and even comments
he doesn't have social media
don't have guts to follow him

Does he/she say sweet things to you?

ya he makes me blush
I run if he comes near me
no hes just cool like that

What are you?

girl who likes boy
boy who likes girl
girl who likes girl
boy who likes boy

How different are you in age.

1 to 2 years
3 to 4 years
5 to 6 years

Do they have siblings?

yes lots
ya 1

Are they attracted to you ?

don't know
think so