The ocean at the end of the lane

Exam quiz for the book the ocean at the end of the lane. 15 questions.

published on June 12, 20161 response 0

"I've been inside you," _______ said. "So a word to the wise. If you tell anybody anything, they won't believe you. And, because I've been inside you, I'll know. And I can make it so you never say anything I don't want you to say to anybody, not ever again."

Ursula Monkton
The boy's father
Lettie Hempstock

After everything that has happened, what does the boy claim to remember after he's forgotten everything else?

The name of his first cat
Who Ursula was
The taste of warm milk straight from a cow

Which of these bizarre moments doesn't scare the boys

Being chased by Ursula
His father trying to drown him in the bathtub
Pulling a worm out of his foot

How many people show up to his seventh birthday party?


What does Lettie say would happen to the boy if he stayed in her ocean?

He'd drown
It would slowly destroy what it means to be him
He would be hated by Lettie

What does the boy's father make him for breakfast every Saturday morning?

Burnt toast

Lettie's ocean seems to be just a _______ to everyone else.

A duck pond
A lake
A puddle

How old are Lettie and the boy?

9 & 10
12 & 13
7 & 11

What did the boys dad do when he told him Ursula was a monster and that he didn't like her?

He got grounded
He was kicked out
He tried to drown him in the bathtub

What does the boy wake up choking on?

A bug
A shilling
His own drool

How does Lettie bring the ocean to the boy?

In a bucket
In her hands
In a cup

What is the fleas odd way of giving the boys sister money?

bills are put under her pillow
coins are thrown at her from behind the bushes
There is a sack left on the door step

Who is the best at "snipage"?

Lettie Hempstock
The boys mom
Old Mrs. Hempstock

Who was Lettie to the boy?

His cousin
His bestfriend from the end of the lane
His sister

What was found in the boys fathers car?

A dead man
Some mail
A package