How much do you know about FNAF 1 & 2

How much do you know about FNAF 1 & 2

I love FNAF and for some of these quizzes that I've seen there's something wrong so I'm here to set things right with my version.

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In FNAF 2 what animatronic has most of its face missing?

Old Chica
Old Bonnie
Old Freddy.

What animatronics make human noises?

Select the four correct answers
Balloon Boy.
Old Freddy.
Toy Chica.
Old Bonnie.
Toy Freddy.
Old Chica.

What stops the Marionette from attacking you?

Who's suit was used to kill the five kids?

Old Freddy.
Toy Bonnie.
Golden Freddy.

What characters do you play as in FNAF 1 & 2?

Select the three correct answers
Phone guy.
Purple man (some fans call him Vincent.)
Mike Schmidt.
Jo Roberts.
Fritz Smith.
Jeremy Fitzgerald.

What animatronic caused the bite of 87?

Which two animatronics attack you first? (FNAF 1)

Bonnie and Chica.
Freddy and Bonnie.
Foxy and Chica.

What does not change between Chica and Toy Chica?

Nothing their the same.
she's holding a cupcake.
Different voice box.

What kind of print does Freddy have on his face?

A hand print.
A foot print.
A fingerprint.

Before Freddy Fazbear's Pizza opened up, what was the name of the old restaurant?

Cally's Cupcakes.
Isaac's Icecream.
Fredbear's Diner.

What animatronic makes a weird radio noise in FNAF 2?

Old Bonnie.

How many people were injured in Freddy Fazbears Pizza? (bite of 87 is included.)

In FNAF 1 who is the ONLY animatronic who does not directly attack you?


Who is the only animatronic in FNAF 1 who actually gave Scott Cawthon nightmares?

Golden Freddy.

This is the last question what code do you put in in FNAF 1 during the custom night to get Golden Freddy to appear?