The Ultimate Henry Danger Quiz

The Ultimate Henry Danger Quiz

Are you the ultimate Henry Danger fan? Then this quiz is totally for you!

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What kind of spider does Captain Man wants to kill when he sees it on the Lemonade stand in 'Captain jerk'?

What is the name of the Auto-Snacker in the first (pilot) episode 'The Danger Begins'?

Where was the Man Cave according to Jasper when Drex tries to find Captain Man and Kid Danger in 'Hour of Power'?

What is the blue Frittle flavor called in 'Trouble with the Frittles'?

What are the two flavors of the Nut Clusters Captain Man wants to try out in 'Hour of Power'?

What kind of batteries does Ray need for his vibrating soap in 'Back To The Danger'?

In which color of car was Lobby taken away in 'Car Trek'?

What is the precise date (day, month and year) of the day Ray and Henry return to fight Drex in 'Back To The Danger'?

What is the device called Dr. Minyak uses in 'Balloons of Doom'?

What is the color of Siren's handbag in 'Man Of The House'?