Do you know Sonic Underground?

Do u think u know all about the 1999-2011 (just replays at that point) TV show, Sonic Underground? Well lets see just how much u REALLY no! :D

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What is the Name of the Royal Hedgehogs?

Sonic, Sally, Tails, Knuckles, And Amy
King Sonic, Queen Sally, Prince Manik, and Princess Sonia
Queen Aleena, Prince Sonic, Princess Sonia, and Prince Manic

What are the Triplets' main way of attacking all together?

Their Super Speed
Their Super Strength
Their Royal Hedgehog Medallions

What is the Shape of Sonic's Medallion?

What is the Shape of Manic's Medallion?

What is the Shape of Sonia's Medallion?

How does Queen Aleena get around and project images of herself?

Her Crown
Her Cape
Her Dress

What is the name of Sonia's Ex-fiancé?


Which TWO are Dr.Robotnik's henchmen?

Select the two correct answers

Which boys has Sonia Dated?

Select the two correct answers

Did the Triplets find their mother Queen Aleena and Defeat Dr.Robotnik before the show was cancelled?

Yeeauh! it was epic! They Kicked the Doc's fat but to the curb!
No, they lost and were all roboticized because tgey met up to early.
No, they never met up or anything because the show was cancelled before it could