Can you survive the Sharknado?

Ever wondered if you could survive a sharknado? Take this quiz! I try to put in every possible situation, but really. Its a sharknado, anything can happen.

published on March 03, 20165 responses 0 5.0★ / 5

You are walking on the beach when a sharknado forms. do you....

scream and run like a chicken with it's head cut off.
dive into the water and find Ariel.
Seek immediate shelter and a chainsaw.

You hear a large storm is forming over a shark infested area. Do you...

Shrug and eat a sandwich.
Evacuate. I hope the chainsaw will get through security.
Call you friend and schedule a campout.

Who are the best allies during a Sharknado?

Select the four correct answers
Fin, he can work that chainsaw.
The president, he's the boss.
Santa, give me some presents.
Lion, from the wizard of oz.
Shark, the wolf of the sea.
Ariel, I want to be a part of that world.
Nova, she rocks.

You are in an air base with lots of random supplies and there is a sharknado coming towards the base. What do you do?

Use whatever I can and build a boat.
Build a bomb that will destroy the sharknado.
Use the supplies and make a tv to watch a movie.

Who would be the best allies during a sharknado?

Select the seven correct answers
The Hulk, "hulk, smash."
Pinkie Pie, party!
Fin, of course.
Dead pool, wait, what?
Ariel, again.
The most awesome god out there.
Percy Jackson, lets drown this place!