Mixed questions

Mixed questions

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5. Which of the following findings is a factor in the development of lithium toxicity?


The nurse has been notified to assist in a disaster. Which plan would be included in the emergency care of a fracture?

Turn the clients to the left side
Immobilize the extremity by splinting above and below the fractured site
Provide manual traction of the fracture site
Reinsert any protruding bones and apply a sterile dressing

The nurse is caring for a client with hepatitis C who also has osteoporosis. Which medication would the nurse expect to be excluded from the healthcare provider’s plans?

Risedronate (Actonel)
Alendronate (Fosamax)
Ibandronate (Boniva)
Raloxifene (Evista)

The client with premature labor is being treated with terbutaline (Brethine). Which assessment should be done prior to beginning Brethine?

Cortisol levels
Blood glucose
Liver profile

Which finding would require intervention in the client receiving oxytocin (Pitocin) for augmentation of labor?

Contractions every 5–6 minutes lasting 60 seconds
Variability of 6–8 beats per minute
Drops in fetal heart tones after contractions lasting 90 seconds with hesitant return to baseline 

Drops in fetal heart tones prior to the contractions during pushing