Do You Know the Sabrina Carpenter Lyrics?

Do you think you know Sabrina Carpenter songs? Take this quiz to find out!

published on August 01, 20168 responses 0

Finish the lyrics:
All our fears became our hopes,

So we'll be the stars
Climbed out every locked window
We can reach the consellations
We're breaking out

Finish the lyrics:
Bless this ground unbroken

I'm about to make my way, Heaven help me
I can't see two steps ahead of me
I don't wanna miss a second
I keep my eyes wide open

Finish the lyrics:
Secrets in a small town

Smoke and fire
Rumors spread like wildfire
I held a strong ground
They always get around

Finish the lyrics:
Your love is the

I feel you from a million miles away
I think of you a million times a day
It's the best thing
Best thing that I got

Finish the lyrics:
Lost in darkness

Your my focus
Your scared, I'm nervous
I know it's weird
But I guess that we did it on purpose

Finish the lyrics:
You and me together

I'll be there when you are feeling clueless
I know all your secrets
Take on the world forever
We're partners in crime

Finish the lyrics:
I feel alright I'm gonna

I've been waiting for a day like this to come
I've got a ticket to the top of the sky
Flying high, I won't look down
Take on the world

Finish the lyrics:
I should've shut my mouth

I could've kept It quiet
Oh, the things I say
Well you can't blame a girl for trying
And I think sometimes

Finish the lyrics:
Oh, oh, la la la la la la

And honey if you see me drowning
If I smile dancing alone for a while
Oh, woah, woah, darling please rescue me
I just need a voice for calling

Finish the lyrics:
Wanna learn new tricks,

Knock me down
I'll throw the white flag of surrender
Give give everything I got
Gotta jump through hoops