Are You Dauntless

Are You Dauntless

Have you ever wondered if you really are a Dauntless or an Amity :D !!!!

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your friends dare you to jump off a 2 and a half metre high wall. What do you do

Try and make an excuse not to do it
Pay them 7 dollars to get out of it
Make one of your friends to do it with/before you
H*ll yeah! I'll do it any day!

You see a homeless man sleeping with no food or money, then suddenly a $10 note blows in the wind and hit his jacket. what do you do

Leave it with him, he needs the money
Woo Hoo! $10! I might just take that. Then waste it on more zip line rides
Just take it and add it to you piggy bank

What gets you attention out of:

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Yes, thank you, it was wonderful
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