Dental SLO unit 7,8,9

Dental SLO test unit 7,8,9, dental test dental dental dental. taking a test for dental important.

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A medical emergency can happen at any time, so it is important for the dental assistant to ___.

Be alert and continuously observe the patient to watch for problems
check patients blood pressure throughout procedure
check patient's pulse every 15 seconds

The normal respiration rate for a relaxed adult is ___.

10-20 breaths per minute
50-60 breaths per minute
5-12 breaths per minute

Both milliamperage and exposure time determine ____.

Number of x-rays produced
energy radiation produced
degree of film fog

An extraoral radiograph would be LEAST likely to:

show or detect interproximal caries
locate impacted teeth
view sinuses

Light radiographs can be caused by: 1. film packet reversal 2. low mA setting 3. exhausted developer 4. over-development


Choose out of the list that would occur if the automatic processor rollers were not cleaned: 1. films may be scratched 2. films may become radiopaque 3. films may be lost in the transport mechanism 4. films may acquire a herringbone image


Using the "E" speed instead of the "D" speed radiograph film requires ___.

longer exposure time
shorter developing time
shorter exposure time
longer developing time

If the raised bump on the radiograph is toward you, you are viewing the teeth as though: 1. the patient's left side is your left side 2. the patient's left side is your right side are on the inside of the mouth sitting on the tongue looking out 4. you are on the outside of the mouth looking in


A fetus is more susceptible to damage from an x-radiation dose equal to that given to an adult because the fetus has___?

less dense bone
lighter body weight
more rapidly producing cells

What is the average body's oral resting temperature?

97.6-99 degrees
93.5-99.5 degrees
96.5-100 degrees

Each successive panoramic radiograph appears lighter than the one before. Which of the following do you do?

Replenish fixer solution
Change mA settings
Replenish developer solution
Replenish water

Out of the following which are true regarding automatic film processing solutions? 1. solutions must be replenished every day 2. solutions must be replenished every week 3. solution temperatures are high than those required for manual processing 4. temperatures are lower than those required for manual processing


Interproximal caries can be best detected in which kind of radiograph view?


Which of the following cause fogging on radiogrpahs? 1. scattered radiation 2. underexposure 3. improper safelighting 4. processing solution is too cold


The most common place to taking a patient's pulse in the dental office is the __.

Brachial Artery
Radial Artery
Carotid Artery

For a topical anesthetic ointment to have optimum effectiveness, it must remain on site of injection for____.

10-20 seconds
7 minutes
3-5 minutes

Leaving a film in the fixer overnight will cause it to be ____.

Blackish Brown
Completely clear
diagnostically acceptable

Out of the list which are needed before dental radiographs are taken on any patient? 1. Medical History 2. Clinical examination 3. History of previous radiographs 4. Referral to selection criteria

All are correct

The normal pulse of a resting adult is ____.

60-100 beats per minute
50-60 beats per minute
30-40 beats per minute

The overall lightness or darkness of a radiograph is called ...


A darkened area on an exposed and processed radiograph is described as __.


Prophylactic antibiotics are used in dentistry to____.

Treat fungal infections
Prevent infective endocarditis
Relieve anxiety

What is the device to control the size and shape of the primary x-ray beam?

film holder

If the temperature of the developing solution is slightly above normal, radiographs of the required density may be produced by permitting a____.

shorter fixing time
longer developing time
shorter developing time

Out of the list all are advantages of digital imaging EXCEPT: 1. less radiation to the patient 2. ability to obtain consultation from remote source 3. less cross-contamination 4. overall expense of equipment