How well do you know Beetlejuice

How well do you know Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice is a favorite of many. If it's a favorite of yours take this quiz and find out if your as big a fan as you think you are.

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Who directed the movie?

Michael Bay
Steven Spielberg
Tim Burton
Mel Brooks

Who played Adam Maitland?

Who played Barbra Maitland?

Who played Beetlejuice?

Who played Lydia Deetz?

How were Adam and Barbra killed?

Car accident
Beetlejuice dropped a piano on their heads
Plane crash

What was Adam's hobby?

Refurbishing old cars
Scale modeling
Talking to the dead

What book did Adam and Barbra discover at their home?

The Book of the Dead
The Book for the Recently Deceased
The Big Book of Death
Beetlejucie's Guide to the Afterlife

Where did the Deetzs live before they moved into the mailands home?

New York
New Zealand

When Adam and Barbra tried to scary Lydia by hiding under bed sheets why did she take photographs of them?

She wanted proof that she had seen ghosts
She wanted to see if she was dreaming.
She thought that they would make an artistic photograph
She thought it was her parents

Finish the lyric:
"Shake shake shake senora, shake your body line..."

"Jump in the line, rock your body on time"
"Shake shake shake senora, shake as fast as time"
"Work work work senora, work it all the time"

Which of these were characters in the movie?

Select the five correct answers
Delia Deetz
Maxwell Deetz
Charles Deetz

What title did Beetlejuice give himself in his ads

Stud muffin
House haunter extraordinaire
The Prince of death
Exterminator of the living

What movie does Beetlejuice say gets funnier every time he sees it?

The exorsist
The shining
Ferris bullets day off
Night of the living dead

Finish this quote:
"You can't scare her..."

She'll have a heart attack!
She has ears like a bat
She's sleeping with Prince valium tonight
She's seen my dad naked, nothing can scare her anymore.

Who said this quote:
"I myself am strange and unusual."


What character says this quote?
"We can't let a routine haunting like your provide proof of life after death!"

What do all of the people who work in the afterlife have in common besides being dead of course.

They all killed themselves
They all were murdered
They all died on accident
They are all are in purgatory