Become the teacher's pet in minutes

Get these questions right and you will find out if you're fit to be the teacher's pet.

published on December 17, 201513 responses 4

What do you do if your friend is trying to talk to you in the middle of class? Be honest.

Talk to them because you don't care if you get in trouble.
Talk to them in sign-language.
Ignore them until you have free-time to talk to them.
Tell them to be quiet in the middle of class.

The teacher tells the class to look up your spelling words in the dictionary, you

Don't write the whole definition to the words.
Just sit In your chair.
Leave the classroom and tell the principal that your teacher hit you and threatened you.
Write the whole definition and when you get done read a book.

Your teacher calls on you to read in front of the class, you

Tell the teacher that you don't want to.
Try your best to read every single word.
Go in front of the classroom, get nervous, and stutter while you read.
Get so nervous that you just walk out of the class and vomit.

Everyone in the class is talking except for you, you

Talk to your friends that sit across the room.
Stay silent and read a book.
Scream shut-up to the whole class.
Leave the class angrily.

Every student in the class is calling you the teacher's pet, you

Select the two correct answers
Act bad so people stop talking about you.
Tell the teacher.
Hit them because they are getting on your nerves.
Tell them that you are only the teacher's pet because you don't get in trouble.