melanie martinez test

melanie martinez test

how well do you know all her songs?well find out here.why do i need a descreption qfeast?

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tired blue boy walks my way....

holding his girlfriend's hand
with a girl,bet they're dating
holding a girl's hand

what song is this?
hush,little baby drink your spoiled milk

im not a piece of cake for you to just ____ while you walk away with the ____ of my heart

throw away,butter
throw away,slice
throw away,blood
throw away,frosting

what song is this
You seem to replace your brain with your heart
You take things so hard and then you fall apart

what song is this?
over the bend,entirely bonkers you like me best when im off my rocker

what song is this?
maybe its a cruel joke on me ,whatever whaterver.just means theres way more cake for me,forever forever

kids are still deppresed when you dress them up. ________ is still ________ in a sippy cup


what song is this?
i think i just remembered something i think left the faucet runnig

what song is this?
im not a little kid now watch me get big now

this is it you have finished the quiz buhbyie

buh bye
this aint over!!