Can you pass the security without getting caught? Story: you are an agent for the secret team known as 404. one of the tech agents intercepted a message that another spy group is trying to steal top secret information and it's up to you to stop them! Are you ready?

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*at the tech office* you: I saw the red light and came as fast as I could. tech agent: I have intercepted a message from another spy organization. it was pretty far away I'm sure. they stayed anonymous but I looked in the records and it looks like WEB. you: and they're after secret information? tech: yes. I need you to find out what file it is so we can keep it from them. are you going to take the mission?

yeah! I'll help. (tech: I believe it's right about *clicks on a certain spot on a digital map* there!)
no I think that might be too difficult. (tech: okay then I'll find a different agent to do it)
I can't bother myself with such foolishness. just hide all the files. (tech: we can't do that. WEB would find them if we store over 900 million pages in
one place.) then bother if they get the info. (tech: -_-)

*you start on a private stealth plane going directly over the spot on the map.* you see a radar sweeping around.

climb down the ladder onto the building
go out of radar range and land the plane
parachute onto the building

Which do you take with you?

Select the seven correct answers
night vision goggles
suction cups
a gun
a screwdriver
a grenade
a fake credit card
a smoke bomb
a copy of the enemy's uniform
10 hot bottles of water
your badge
10 ice packs

*you enter the building and instantly see security cameras everywhere*

good thing i had this enemy uniform on and the fake credit card. now I need to get into the vents. they would recognize i wasn't one of them
hmm... I have to stay in the vent system.

in the vents you crawl around until you find a room where people are talking.

I need to listen in on this
*crawl on by*

to be continued... type: continued