If You Get 5 In This Quiz, You're Officially Addicted

If You Get 5 In This Quiz, You're Officially Addicted

If You Get Over 75% In This Quiz, You're Officially Addicted To WhatsApp

published on June 03, 20179 responses 0 1.0★ / 5

How many times a day do you check WhatsApp on your phone?

When I get a new message.
At least a couple of times a day.
If there are too many unread messages.
I hardly ever check WhatsApp.

How many groups are you an admin of?

Just one or two.
I'm not an admin of any group.
A few, like four to six.
Probably 50.

Do you ever use WhatsApp web?

Literally always online on that thing.
Heard of it, never used it.
Only when I'm on my laptop.

Have you disabled your "read receipts?"

Yes, duh
Nope, don't care.
Everyone knows I'll not check it anyway.
You can do that?????

Have you ever starred a message on WhatsApp?


How often do you change your display picture?

I don't even think I have a display picture.
I haven't changed it in ages.
Just once every few months.
Multiple times in a week. Sometimes in a day.
Only when I get sick of my current picture.

And lastly, which of these apps has the best messaging interface on phone?

Someother app.