History of Indian constitution

History of Indian constitution

Vague questions regarding the history of pre-independent India. Well, I'm just writing this because the website asked me to. Anyway, good luck with the quiz.

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After failure of which act, the need for Simon commission arose

GOI 1919
GOI 1909
GOI 1935

Last Secretary of State of British India

Lord Hasting
Lord Cornwelll
Earl of Listowel

How many round table conferences were initially held for the rectification of the Simon Commission's report


First Indian to join Viceroy executive council

B.R Ambedkar
Satyandra Prasad Sinha
Satyendra Nath Tagore

When was the Home Rule movement founded


Who was the first secretary of state of British India?

Lord Earl of Listowel
Lord Stanley
Lord Canning

Indian national congress and the All India Muslim league allied under which pact?

Peshawar Act 1907
Lucknow Act 1916
Delhi act 1919

Who is known as the "Father of communal electorate"

Charles Morley
Lord Canning

Mahatma Gandhi attended which round table conference


1919 reforms were also known as

Penn-Frank Reforms
Morley Minto reforms
Montague- Chelmsford reforms

Which act introduced the system of ordinance in India

Indian council act 1861
Indian council act 1892
Indian council act 1909

How many members were in the Simon Commission


Public service commission was established under which act

GOI act 1909
GOI act 1935
GOI act 1919

In which act muslim representation was accepted in "separate electorate"

ICA 1927
ICA 1919
ICA 1909

Which act introduced Diarchy or dual government in provinces

GOI act 1919
GOI act 1909
GOI act 1935

Who was the first "Viceroy" of British India?

Lord Hasting
Lord Rumsfey
Lord Canning

In which year Simon commission submitted its report


Which act was known as Morley Minto Reforms

ICA 1919
ICA 1927
ICA of 1909

Which act is known as the base of Indian democracy

ICA 1861
ICA 1892
ICA 1909

In which bicameralism (lower house and upper house) were introduced at the center

GOI act 1909
GOI act 1919
GOI act 1935