Would you survive in the wilderness?

Wish we could turn back time, so I could murder you in your sleep because I hate you. IM BORED

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You get hypothermia... What do you do after finding a suitable shelter? (Obviously getting medical help for things like this is mandatory and preferred)

warm myself up a quickly as possible
Slowly warm myself back up
Stick them in water and then slowly warm then up

You start a fire and burn yourself...badly. What do you do? (Again, you would want to go to a hospital, but obviously that's not available)

Wrap it up tightly with whatever clean materials I have, remembering not to cut off circulation
Find cold water and submerse it in the water and let it soak
You clean it as best as you can and then let it breathe

The buddy you are with falls out of a tall tree and landed with a not-so-promising niose, he probably broke a bone or something like that, you run over and start asking them if they are ok when you realize they are staring at nothing. They went into shock. What do you do? (Assuming you can't get help right away)

You talk to them and do things (without harming them) to try and wake them up, if that fails then you get some
water and lightly splash it on their face
You start screaming histarically at them and hope they wake up. When that doesn't work you threaten to throw
them into a river.
You act very calm and lay them down and make sure they are warm and comfortable.

You later realize your friend fractured something after they finally got out of shock. What do you do?

You don't move them at all unless you absolutely have to.
You make a splint and make sure they are ok.
You firmly wrap their leg, make a splint and assure them that everything's fine.

Your friend gets better and you eventually find your way out of the wilderness. But as you are crossing a street, your clumsy friend trips and falls into a lake. Your friend can't swim. So they sink to the bottom and you haul them out. They aren't breathing, what do you do? (You're trained in CPR)

You celebrate their death, they were always finding ways to screw up!
You do do 30 chest compressions and if that doesn't work tilti their head up do mouth to mouth once and if their
chest rises to it again. Repeat. If their chest doesn't rise then lift their head and chin up again and try again.
Only mouth to mouth, you don't do chest compression if it's from drowning.

Your friend is revived and is fine. But you are still lost. What do you do?

You eat your friend...what you ran out of food.
You cry because you're going to die alone
You kill yourself
You tap your feet together three times while chanting "I wish I was home, I wish I was home"
Idk you'll think of something!

You murder your friend in cold blood and eat their corpse. Right before you killed them you whispered into their ear "there can only be one queen of the world " and then proceeded to dance around them before your started to laugh maliciously as you stabbed them in the back

Oh.. my