How well do you know Five Nights at Freddy's? (1)

How well do you know Five Nights at Freddy's? (1)

My first quiz so don't hate! The title says it all.FnaF belongs to Scott Cawthon.This quiz has 10 items

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How many animatronics are there in all?(all 3 games,excluding phantoms and easter eggs)


Type the full name of the main character in the first game(Be sure to have caps lock,and spaces)

Choose the answers that have the species of the animatronics in the first game

Select the four correct answers

Who is the man who killed the Marionette's human self?

Murder man
Purple man
Police man
None of the above

FnaF 1 was released on July 24,2014 for the PC version,Fnaf 2 was released on November 11,2014 for the Steam version,when was Fnaf 3 released for the Android version?

January 12,2015
March 2,2015
February 5,2015
March 7,2015
February 27,2015

Type the two words that make up Springtrap's name(be sure to add the word"and" and also to use caps lock)

What are the different types of animatronics?Select them from the answers below.(What I need are the specific types)

Select the five correct answers
Toy animatronic
Child animatronic
Dangerous animatronic
Old animatronic
Withered animatronic
Original animatronic
Fright animatronic
Care animatronic
Phantom animatronic
Birthday animatronic
Main animatronic
Occasion animatronic

In the second game,Golden Freddy's jumpscare is seen as....

Whole body
A floating head
No specific jumpscare

What are the modes to choose from on the 'Extras' icon in the third game?

Select the four correct answers
Faster movements
No easter eggs
Slower animatronic
Longer ventilation
Fast Nights
No phantoms
No errors
Extra audio

Finally,type in the number of years gap between the first game and the third game(not in real life,as mentioned in the game)