Hamilton Lyrics Quiz

How well do you know Hamilton? Only Act 1, and there was a word limit so I couldn't include everything.

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Alexander Hamilton-
When he was ten his father split

Aaron Burr Sir-
Good luck with that you're taking a stand

My Shot-
I'm past patiently waiting

The Story Of Tonight-
Raise a glass to the four of us

The Schuyler Sisters-
Daddy said not to go downtown

Farmer Refuted
Chaos and bloodshed is not a solution

You'll be back-
You say our love is draining and you can't go on

Right Hand Man-
Now I'm the model of the modern major general

A Winters Ball-
Martha Washington named her

My father left my mother died

My father has no sons so I'm the one who has to social climb for one so I'm the oldest

The Story Of tonight Reprise-
Raise a glass to freedom something

Wait for it-
If there's a reason I'm still alive when

Stay Alive-
Instead of me, he promotes Charles Lee

The Ten Duel Commandments-
Alexander! Aaron Burr, sir!

Meet Him Inside-
I am not a maiden in need of defending I am grown-

That Would Be Enough
I knew you'd fight untill the war was done

Guns And Ships-
I'm taking this horse by the reigns

History Has It's Eyes On You-
Let me tell you what I wish I'd known, when I was young abd dreamed of glory you have bo control

Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)
If this is the end of me at least I have a freind with me

What Comes Next-
What comes next, you've been freed do you know

Dear Theodosia-
You have my eyes

Laurens Interlude-
Alexander are you alright?

Gentleman of the jury bear with me are you