Riddle quiz (1)

Take my riddle quiz and try your best so you can solve them. Good luck!

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Mr and Mrs Jones go on a picnic. They have 3 sons that are married with 3 daughters each. How many where at the picnic?


Mary's mum had 4 kids. John, Holly and Mike. Type the 4th kid.

A man and his wife are taking a drive. The car breaks down so he goes to a gas station a few miles back and rolls up the window, and locks the doors. When he comes back his wife is dead and a stranger is in the car. There is no damage to the car so HOW did the stranger get in?

The woman died of Chidbirth and the stranger was the baby
The wife died of childbirth so the baby was the stranger.
The stranger was the the baby. The wife died of childbirth.

wednesday, Holly and Amelia go out for lunch. Neither Holly or Amelia payed the bill so who did?

Large as a mountain, small as a pea, always swimming across a waterless sea.

A star
An asteroid
An astroid

A blue house is made out of blue bricks, an orange house made out of orange bricks, a pink house made out of pink bricks, a green house made out of...