Deep Clean Report Hunt

Deep Clean Report Hunt

Download the Women's Voices for the Earth Deep Clean Report from and read through the material to find answers to the following 3 questions. Answer every one right, and you'll be entered to win two bottles of Molly's Suds All Sport, which can be used as a general household cleaner when diluted 1:1 with water in a spray bottle! Ditch the toxic cleaners for a truly safe alternative! #MakeTheWiseChoice

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What has Women's Voices for the Earth been asking cleaning product manufacturers to do?

come clean about both the ingredients they use in their products
come clean about their criteria for determining product safety
both A and B
to promise they will not use any toxic ingredients

This report is a scorecard rating _____ leading cleaning product manufacturers.


Select a way that women carry the health impacts of toxic chemicals unique to men.

Many chemicals accumulate in fat, and women have a higher percentage of fat tissue than men
Women are also the first environment for the next generation; the chemicals stored in a woman’s body are passed onto her child during pregnancy and
later through breast feeding
women continue to do more than 70% of the housework in the average home, meaning that their exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals in
cleaning products is more frequent and exponentially higher than men
All are correct

Since _____ Women's Voices for the Earth has been compiling research on chemicals in cleaning products and their impacts to women's health.


In regards to chemicals used in fragrances, studies show that women are ______ likely to suffer from fragrance-induced skin allergies than men

just as
two to three times more
two to four times more
4 to 5 times more