i am number four

the book i am number four and how the storie goes in the book not the movie.

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In what planet does the story takes place? (mainly)


What is the name of the narrator?

Number Three ("Emma")
Number Nine ("Daniel")
Number Three ("Henri")
Number Four ("John")

What is the name of number four's cépan?


We all know what planet the nine kids, among them number four, were coming from. But just to make sure, what was it again?


Why did they come to Earth, anyway?

To run away from a war
To find their ancestors
To do some important experiments on humans
all of above

How can "John" tell if the other kids are dead?

He gets scars on his legs
He get a message on an unexpected way
He doesn't know
His cépan gather with the other cépants once a year to inform each other about things like that

How many Lorics were sent to earth on the first place?


What is John and Henri's biggest fear?

None of above
To be hunted down by the Mogadorians
To be attached to a place, what would make their leaving sadder
All of above

Why should John and Henri leave their house from the first place?

Because they are afraid the Mogadorians would find them?
They have to leave because they don't want to be found by the other Lorics
Because Henri and John are known to the police as a wanted criminals
Because they have no money to pay the bills

What is the main place where the book takes place?

Nyack, NY
Mesa, Arizona
Clearwater, Florida
Paradise, Ohio

On first day of school in Paradise, Ohio, what happens to John?

He is being attacked by the school's bully
He meets his one and only
He befriend with an astronomy geek
All of above

What happens after Astronomy class?

John accept his first Legacy
Henri is being shot
He is being kissed by the ugliest girl around
John befriend with a cheerleader and they hook up in the darkroom

What happens to John, as he accepts his first Legacy?

He gets an epilepsia attack but somehow he is able to control it
he had a really high fever
His hands burns
During gym, he is the strongest kid around

What's his next Legacy?

breathing underwater
Seeing through walls

Who does John fall in love with?


What was John's dog name?

Ray Buldoser
Bernie Kosar
Saltie Poker

Is it a real dog?


So, we said John befriended with a freak, what his name, then?


What is Sams' main interest?


What's Sarah's main interest?

Henri lol

What language does Sam's mom start to speak when she meets Henri?

None can actually tell, weird'o

Who is Bernie Kosak named after?
(Hint: poster in John's room!)

A football player
An actor
A race car
A character in a movie

What's the name of Sam's favorite aliens-paper?

Who knows
Mogadore vs. Lorien
They walk among us
In our world

Henri went to chack out the "They walk among us" office, John become panic .How does John find out if Henri is still alive?

His legacies are gone
The chest remains locked
the Mogadorians calls him
His telekenisis powers arrive while he's at Sam's

Sam and John going to save Henri. What's the result of this whole incident?

Henri loses his memory
Sam know about Lorien and John and Henri's real identities
the Mogadorians kills Henri
Henri and John are moving, again

What happens in Halloween?

Mark and his friends ambushed John, Sarah and Sam
John loses an eye
Sarah finds out about John's amazing powers, and break up with him
John finds Bernie Kosar

During the attack in John's school, who meets John?

Sarah and Marc, after they hook up for good days' sake
Henri, after he lights up the gymnasium
Number Five
None of above

What is number six's main Legacy?

Walking through fire
Being invisible
Breathing under any circumstances

Which is samiliar to who's Legacy?

Six's mother
Four's grandpa
Henri's wife

What does number four tries to throw at the Mogadorian, during the attack?

A trophy
Bernie Kosar
A desk
A chair

What didn't happen during Mark James's party?

The house was on fire
Sarah cheated on John
Emily and Sarah have a catfigh
Sam hooked up with Emily

Who's Emily?

John's ex girlfriend from Florida who reached him somehow
Sam's sister
Number Seven's real name
Sarah's friend

What is Henri's real name?


What happens to number Six's cépan?

She was caugthe in Russia
Number six doesn't have a cépan, that's what so special about her
Number six accidently made her invisible forever
She died in Argentina

What happens to number four;s cépan?

He understood his job with four is over and left
He turned out to be an undercover Mogadorian
He returned to Lorien earlier
He died and his body was cremated

Why did the Mogadorians want to destroy Lorein?

They ran out of resources
As a revenge, after a long-last war, which they lost
They ran out of food, meat of Lorics
They're just evil

How did John's first power appear?

His hands were lit up
his face was lit up
he was in a burning building
he had a really high fever

Where is John living throughout most of the book?

Salt Lake City, Utah
Paradise, Ohio
Austin, Texas
Paradise, Montana

Who was John running from?

The Earthlings
The Loreinians
The Magadorians
no one

What is one thing John learns how to withstand?

Being engulfed in flames
Being frozen to death
Being subjected to mental torture
Being subjected to needle torture

What happens sometime near midnight at the party?

One of the football players falls unconscious
There is a fire
Sam is sick
Sarah is sick

What is one document Henri makes for John?

A driver's license
A military discharge
A commercial fishing license
A green card

What does Henri want to do?

Leave the area
He is not yet sure
Go back and kill the Mogadarians
Find Sam's father

What does Henri have John do with Bernie Kosar?

Move boulders from one area to another
Drink the herbal concoction before school
Run to school
Run up and down a mountain path

What happens when Sarah tries to photograph John with her family?

The film gets ruined
The lens explodes
Nothing out of the ordinary
The camera gets hot and melts

What does Sam do when he gets to the woods?

Gives John a rifle and several homemade granades
Calls the police
Kills the soldier who is about to kill John
Helps John up and bandages his back

What does Henri tell John to keep under his tongue?

A loric healing pebble
A piece of bark
An herbal concoction

Why does John grab Sam and Henri in each arm and jump out of the house?

It is the easist way to leave without being followed
Another alien watcher appears with a .38 pistol
Three other alien watchers appear
The Mogadarians have returned

What do you think is the resone they went to Earth.

Is there more then one plane that left Lorien.