Your heist at Freddy's!

Your heist at Freddy's!

This is a scored quiz that simulates having a heist at Freddy Fazbear's pizza. Good luck, and try not to get stuffed into a furry suit.

published on October 22, 201481 responses 17 4.8★ / 5

What's a summary of your heist plan?

We come. We wreck stuff up. We leave.
We need two people to wield weapons, one person to set up traps, one person to take out the cameras, and someone who can set up distractions.
(Censor) the police, coming straight from the underground...

Which of these animatronics are fake?

Select the two correct answers
Golden Freddy

There's a security guard in there! He's watching you with the cameras. What do you do?

Take the cameras out with a silenced pistol.
Tear that (Censor) off!
Hope that Bonnie disables them.

One of the animatronics are close! What do you do?

One of the animatronics are close! What do you do?
Grab a bat and start swinging!
Run! Run!
Distract them with a remote control helicopter.

Which one of the animatronics runs through the halls?

Alright, now we need an escape plan. Which of these will work?

Bash the door!
Take the security guard's keys and get out!
Explosives! Exploo-- *BOOM!*
Non of these!