Riddle me this...What was I?

Riddle me this...What was I?

A fun interactive game for visitors who knows all the best places. Test your eyesight and test your knowledge whilst exploring the Historic Nelson's Dockyard.

published on May 17, 20181 response 0

As a replacement of my father, I was built in 1804-6 and overlooked the Dockyard for many years whilst housing the all important Commissioner. What is my name?

Clarence House
Shirley Heights
Commissioner's House

With clay I slayed, but as time passed I'm not all I'm cracked up to be. Sheltered from the rain, my bosom that once held water is no longer capable. What am I?

A Drum
A Cistren
A flask
A Pottery

Guns are not good, neither was I, but I am a beautiful representation of the changed years. painted in black and mounted on wood, many stand next to me for pictures. What am I?

A tree
A Table
A Capstan
A Canon

Before the smartphones, before radios and even before watches, with the sun I told the time. What am I?

Time keeper
Captain Hook

By spinning, I pulled huge ships to their sides with the assistance of men and ropes. I am neutrally black and white and was once sheltered but now exposed near to the waters. How many of me are there?


With red bricks all around, I stand two stories tall. With walls all lime wash bound, i was nothing, not not even glitz and glammer. Once the Engineers' House, now a space where people chit and chatter. What am I now?

The Copper and Lumber Store Hotel
The Dockyard Museum
Admiral's Inn Hotel
The Crab Hole Store

Big, Bold and Beautiful I stand high above both water and land even after being battered by storms. For many, I am the "Pillars of Strength and make the perfect photo background. How many am I?


I stand high above the entrance. The sounds i speak are so loud, they can woke persons from their sleep. What am i?

A Clock
A Bell
A siren
A guard