Do you know the Wither?

Do you know the Wither?

Do you know the player-spawned boss? Choose the correct answers to see if you do.

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How does the Wither attack?

it throws wither skulls at you
it hits you with a stone sword
it throws potions at you

What does the Wither drop when it dies?

Which g-o-l-e-m will distract the Wither?


Where should you spawn a Wither?

The End
in the Nether

What is the Wither Effect?

a poison like attack caused by being touched by the wither skulls or stone swords
an attack that disables movement for 10 seconds

When does the Wither get Wither Armor?

the entire time
at half health
when it is almost dead
there is no such thing as wither armor

What materials do you need to spawn a Wither?

Select the two correct answers
wither skull (x3)
wither skull (x2)
wither skull
soul sand (x4)
soul sand (x3)
soul sand (x2)
soul sand
netherrack (x4)
netherrack (x3)
netherrack (x2)

When the Wither uses Wither Armor, what does that do?

Arrows cause no damage.
Anything enchanted causes no damage.
Diamond swords cause no damage.
Wither Armor doesn't exist.

How do you attack the Wither?

With my diamond sword!
With potions of harming and poison!
With potions of healing!
With arrows!

How do you get wither skulls?

kill a wither skeleton
mine netherrack
they are found in nether fortresses
there is no such thing as wither skulls